Month In Review: March

I’m sixteen and I still get March and May mixed up and have to recite January, February, March in my head to remember which one comes first.

This month I:

  1. Celebrated International Womens Day by making boob cupcakes and selling them at school to raise money for the white ribbon foundation
  2. Won two games of Ticket to Ride against the neighbours
  3. Got my hair cut
  4. Did an English SAC (School Assessed Coursework, like a test)
  5. Got 16/20 on my French speaking assessment!
  6. Saw my friend in a play that made me cry
  7. Did an interview for some friends about feminism
  8. Bought a pair of pants
  9. Received my school photos (they’re okay)
  10. Successfully designed and conducted my own science experiment! (I still can’t believe it actually worked)
  11. Made a very ugly clay sculpture of a little man (you may have seen it on my instagram story)
  12. Cleaned my laptop
  13. Started an art journal
  14. Finished term one of year eleven (and I’m exhausted)

This month I read:

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. I haven’t finished it yet, but I really like it so far. It jumps forwards and backwards in time and is written beautifully. The characters are complex and realistic, and the only problem with it is that the book is too short, and I’m afraid I’ll finish it by the end of this week.

This month I listened to:

The soundtrack to David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II. I found it because one of the composers is Hans Zimmer, and I love his work. It’s fantastic to listen to while doing maths work because it’s so dramatic and you feel like you’re saving the world. Also, it’s worth checking out just because of the song titles. For example: Ice Skating Flamingos, Racer Snakes vs Iguanas and The Sloth. I also rediscovered my love for Disney Princess songs, because I saw Beauty and the Beast.

This month I watched:

  1. Project Runway – MAKE IT WORK
  2. Parks and Recreation – I teared up at Leslie’s wedding
  3. Call My Agent (original title: Dix Pourcent) – It’s a French drama about four Parisian agents managing their clients and it’s fantastic. It’s on Netflix
  4. The Bee Movie – Just to relive the meme (it wasn’t worth it)
  5. Hidden Figures – Such a wonderful, feel good movie about phenomenal women
  6. The Jungle Book – Lovely film, but lacking in female characters and dialogue
  7. Beauty and the Beast – I had to refrain from singing in the cinema
  8. Toni Erdmann – A German comedy (yes, you read that right), about a father and a daughter. I laughed so hard I cried
  9. Faith Healer (play) – Enjoyable and interesting
  10. Improvilicious (play) – Hilarious, as always
  11. Faster (by the Australian Ballet) – The only way to describe it is ‘beautiful’

This month I learnt:

  1. It’s okay to say no
  2. Don’t apologise for saying no
  3. It’s hard to create a balanced life
  4. Pants are the best because they are comfy and I am never wearing jeans ever again

In April I’m looking forward to:

  1. Enjoying my holidays
  2. Buying a pot plant
  3. Seeing comedy festival shows
  4. The weather finally getting cold again (I like wearing jumpers and sleeping with extra blankets)

Feature Image: Lisa Congdon is an illustrator living and working in Portland, Oregon. You can purchase her work here, and visit her instagram here.



  1. Très plaisante revue mensuelle ; félicitations pour le 16/20 en français! Enjoy April Affectueusement, de France



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