artists I have discovered

This year I am taking studio arts as one of my subjects. For the most recent task, I had to find seventeen different artworks showcasing the main art elements and design principles. Of course, this meant I also had to find seventeen different artists. I then realised I didn’t really knomany artists. A couple on this list have been my favourites for a while (Del Kathryn Barton, Dominique Fortin, Petrina Hicks, Degas), but for this project I had to find seventeen. And so I set out on an epic journey to find seventeen artists. I looked at gallery websites, instagram pages and articles about up and coming artists, and discovered these fantastically talented people.

(side note: there aren’t seventeen people here, just my favourites)

click on the images to enlarge them

atong atem


del kathryn barton

  • sydney
  • acrylic
  • print


dennis auburn


dominique fortin


heidi yardley


laura berger 


manjit thapp


petrina hicks


sally nixon


bonus: edgar degas

  • paris, france
  • impressionism
  • realsim
  • modern art
  • oil
  • pastel
  • sculpture

1 Comment

  1. Hi. So glad that you have blog :)
    I just watched The Nice Guys and how astonished i was to see your act. It is a very good film. Never saw you in movies before, so as soon as the film ended, i googled for your name and here i am. Once again, your acting was so good. Keep your nice hard work. Can’t wait to see you in the next movie

    About this post, i don’t know much about arts. But for you discovered and actually got interested in them just make me realize how talented people can be. Maybe i can find something that will interest me in those artist you mentioned. Thanks


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