Month In Review: January

My birthday month! Finally sixteen! I can drive a car!

This month I:

  1. Celebrated my sixteenth birthday with King Cake (my mum got the baby when we were in New Orleans, so we introduced more Australians to Mardi Gras and King Cake)
  2. Bought a lot of stationery from Officeworks in preparation for the new school year
  3. Hosted three rounds of trivia for my sister and her friends at her birthday party (Harry Potter Trivia, Gymnastics Trivia and General Trivia)
  4. Went for a lovely picnic in Carlton Gardens
  5. Went to the orthodontist and they said my teeth were great because I had been wearing my retainer every single night
  6. Did a Harry Potter Marathon over the course of two days. I have never felt more lazy in my life.
  7. A family friend was going to do a moved reading of The Cursed Child with some actor friends and their Harry Potter dropped out at the last minute. And so guess who cleared her schedule to step in as the Boy Who Lived? ME ME ME ME ME.
  8. Went to the family beach house in the final days of the summer holidays
  9. Started school

This month I read:

The Age of InnocenceThe Kite Runner and I’m halfway through Atonement. In my review of November I said that Age of Innocence was fine. I fully retract that statement and would like to say that it is phenomenal. The characters are complicated and real, the story is simple yet powerful, and it is written beautifully. Countess Ellen Olenksa is the best. After The Age of Innocence, I decided to read The Kite Runner, as I was instructed to do in preparation for my year eleven English class. I didn’t enjoy it. I’m notorious for not like the books that my school sets, and everyone gets annoyed at me because of it, but ah well. The book I’m currently reading, Atonement, is fantastically heartbreaking. I watched the movie first, and it’s on my list of favourite films. All I have to say about it is that ROBBIE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS.

This month I listened to:

Zella Day. One of her songs was on a spotify playlist I was listening to and I loved it. I then listened to the full album, Kicker, and was overjoyed at the fact that the rest of the album was just as good as that one song. My favourites are Sweet Ophelia, Hypnotic and East of Eden. I bought Amy Poehler’s audiobook, Yes Please, and I loved listening to her read the book in her own voice. She’s witty, talented, honest, hilarious, and I want to be her best friend. I also listened to the soundtrack of La La Land, but I’ll rave about that later.

This month I watched:

  1. The entire Harry Potter series over the course of two days. I cried.
  2. Parks and Recreation – I like to think I’m like Leslie Knope, but in reality I’m probably a mixture of April and Jerry
  3. The Beautiful Lie – Anna Karenina set in modern day Melbourne. I really like it so far. After watching the first episode, my mum and I were walking down the street and we think we saw Benedict Samuel, who plays Skeet. Small world.
  4. The L.A. Complex – Nothing ever goes right in it and it’s so frustrating. Why can’t these characters just be happy?
  5. The Bachelor – “I own a multi-million dollar company, and I don’t appreciate you treating me like an idiot!” Enough said.
  6. David Hockney: Current – The exhibition was pretty cool, but I must admit, his style quite to my taste.
  7. Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists – It was bold, creative, new, innovative, avant-garde, boundary-pushing, crazy, ostentatious, exaggerated and phenomenal.
  8. La La Land – I know everyone’s been raving about it and it’s annoying, but there’s a reason everyone’s raving about it, and that’s because it’s absolutely amazing. The visuals, the music, the performances, the story, the epilogue, everything about it was outstanding. I’ve been singing and listening to the soundtrack non-stop, much to my sister’s annoyance, but I can’t help it, it’s that good. I love the way I can relate to it – I’ve done terrible auditions where I’ve been interrupted, I’ve walked into a room full of blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls all auditioning for the same role as me, and I’ve heard a piece of music and felt too many emotions to describe. I love La La Land.

This month I learnt:

  1. You can get sunburnt even if it’s cloudy (learnt this the hard way)
  2. No one cares what you look like on the first day back at school, they’re just as nervous as you are
  3. Your true personality comes out when attempting to make little kids listen to you
  4. An identity crisis sometimes needs to happen
  5. Things change and people change

In February I’m looking forward to:

  1. Being on the judging panel at Tropfest Junior!
  2. Doing press for Jasper Jones
  3. Being a month closer to summer holidays

Featured Image: My sister took this at my birthday party. If you look closely, you can see the King Cake in front of me. After singing happy birthday, my almost-six-foot-tall friend (to the left of me in the picture) said “and five million claps to make you grow!” 



  1. I have a feeling La La Land will wipe the floor at the Oscars, and to some degree, I am totally fine with this. Also, I bought myself The Cursed Child and it’s still sitting on my shelf, which I know is illegal. Cheers to February!


  2. Completely agree about La La Land, what a fantastic film (and an amazing soundtrack). The sudden backlash against it recently is strange though, although I suppose that’s what happens when something get super popular.


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