Month In Review: October

October; the month when everyone on the internet is freaking out about Halloween, and I don’t know what the whole fuss is about (sorry).

This month I:

  1. Started a new phase of my life (oh, how dramatic and cryptic, I know)
  2. Went to Paris for a fashion show??? What???
  3. Frantically tried to catch up on school work after coming back from Paris
  4. Drove to school in a Rolls Royce (sadly not mine)
  5. Performed in my school music concert
  6. Went to New Orleans for the first time
  7. Ate beignets for the first time
  8. Saw the pictures from my very first magazine shoot! Yay!
  9. Had my second American Halloween (and dressed up as Carrie)
  10. Ate way too much Halloween Candy and I am never eating never ever again

This month I read:

Nothing. I’ve been so busy with going to Paris, doing school work, going to New Orleans, doing acting work, I’ve been sleeping at every possible moment I can. The most I’ve read is a Betty and Veronica comic, but trust me, they are very good.

This month I listened to:

GRETTA RAY GRETTA RAY GRETTA RAY. Her music is amazing. Please find it and listen to it. My favourites are Drive and Unwind. I created a playlist on Spotify called “opinionated teenage girl”, so I’ve also been listening to that. In the meantime, I’m also waiting for Lorde to come out with a new album, and for the Hamilton Mixtape to be available on Spotify.

This month I saw:

  1. Now You See Me 2 – 11/10 for Dave Franco’s face and Lizzy Caplan’s wit
  2. Focus – 10/10 for Will Smith making a joke about Australians to an Australian playing an American
  3. The Heat – 13/10 for Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy because they’re just awesome
  4. Little Miss Sunshine – 12/10 for making me feel happy and sad at the same time
  5. Me Before You – 10/10 for making me cry
  6. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – 100/10 for casting
  7. The Boss – 14/10 for Melissa McCarthy (again)
  8. Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising – 11/10 for a refreshing Aussie accent
  9. Central Intelligence – 1000/10 for Kevin Hart making me laugh so loud the other passengers on the plane looked at me disapprovingly
  10. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – 12/10 for woooaaaaahhhhh I see what you did there
  11. The Lucky One – 14/10 for the romance
  12. The Huntsman: Winter’s War – 11/10 for costumes (can I please become an ice queen?)
  13. High Strung – 13/10 for a feel good dance movie
  15. Carrie (the remake) – 10/10 for being scarily sad
  16. The Neon Demon – 10/10 for being scarily gorgeous and disturbing
  17. The Proposal – 11/10 for the most awkward naked scene ever

This month I learnt:

  1. It is sometimes very hard to let go of something
  2. You’re allowed to be sad
  3. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and The Office are two things that make me very happy (either together or apart)
  4. Time difference is a blessing and a curse
  5. Seeing confederate flags makes me very uncomfortable
  6. Speaking of things that make me uncomfortable, corsets
  7. Snapchat streaks are not all there is to life

In November I’m looking forward to:

  1. Working!
  2. (Hopefully) seeing the downfall of Trump
  3. Eating more beignets
  4. Writing more lists
  5. Finishing year ten
  6. Eating a lot on Thanksgiving
  7. Slowly getting into the Christmas spirit

Feature Image: I took this picture while out sightseeing in New Orleans. Did you know that New Orleans, Louisiana is frequently abbreviated to NOLA? I didn’t, I just thought it sounded like a cool name for a baby girl or something.



  1. Hey Angourie, I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I’m curious about that playlist you’ve made but can’t seem to find it on spotify. Are you sure that’s the correct name of the playlist? Thank you and Greetings from Portugal.


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