The End – Paris Fashion Week

After feeling glamorous for two days – staying in a posh hotel, wearing sparkly shoes and going to fancy dinners – it’s almost a relief to get back into my ugly sports leggings for the trip home.

I decided to order the crêpes for breakfast of the morning of our departure. I was extremely happy with myself, as I ordered it completely in Français. My French teacher would be proud, although perhaps a little disappointed that I didn’t reply with extended responses and full sentences. When my crêpes arrived I almost didn’t bat an eyelid at the sight of gold leaf carefully placed on the top. I think the glamour is getting to me. It’s time to go home.

I said goodbye to Pharaoh, the fluffy white cat, and departed the hotel with my bags heavier and my ego bigger. But don’t worry, if anything can bring you back to reality, it’s staying in the same gross clothes for 24 hours and eating way too much food. Completely glamourless.

I must say, the one thing I will miss most about Paris is our lovely driver, who drove us around in awful traffic, who picked us up from L’Arc de Triomphe because we were too tired to walk back home, and who also picked us up late at night, two nights in a row. He was a complete gentleman and professional. Can I take him home with me so that I can be driven to school every day? Although now that I think about it, I would probably lose the few friends I have very quickly. Unless they got a ride too. Then I might even make some more friends.

Movies I watched on the plane:

  1. Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising (everywhere else this film is just called Neighbours but in Australia it’s Bad Neighbours because Neighbours is already the name of a successful Australian soap opera) – Made me laugh because no one could spell “sorority”, but when I just typed it then, I had some trouble spelling it myself.
  2. Central Intelligence – I would now like to be best friends with Kevin Hart because he would make me laugh constantly. Also, he’s only 5 foot 4, so we’d be on the same level.
  3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – I’m a terrible person because I worked with Shane, who directed this film, and I watched it for the first time on the plane. Does the fact that I thought it was really really good make up for me not having seen it before?
  4. The Lucky One – It was basically an hour and forty minutes of Zac Efron staring into the distance with his gorgeous blue eyes, something which I had no problem with. Ten out of ten movie.
  5. The Huntsman: Winter’s War – Okay so I watched this without having seen the first one (Snow White and the Huntsman), but I still enjoyed it. I would also like to know where I can buy all the dresses that Ravenna and Freya wore.
  6. High Strung – I love a good dance movie.
  7. Zootopia – Yes, I have seen it before. Yes, I loved it the first time. Yes, I loved it the second time. Yes, I would watch it a third time.
  8. Now You See Me 2 – I only got to watch the first half of this before we landed, which made me very upset because I wanted to see more of Dave Franco’s face. Also, I would like to be a magician.

Landing in Melbourne was sad, but also refreshing. My heart broke a bit when I heard the Aussie accent instead of the French one, but it was nice to be home, where I am a normal human being. I must admit though, I’m not looking forward to going back to school. How do you explain to people in a non-stuck-up-way that you were in Paris for Fashion Week?

Arriving at home was the best. My sister wasn’t there because she was doing gymnastics (like she always does), but my dad and Lola (my dog) were both at home. Lola was ecstatic. She could not contain her excitement. I’m just glad she didn’t wet herself or vomit, both of which she’s previously done when she was overly excited. My sister came home, which was also the best, because she’s so little and cute and I missed her so much. Even though we were only away for four days, it’s nice to have the family back together again and return back to normality.

I guess in the bizarreness and glamour of this whole experience, it’s important to remember that it is not real life. I’m not a rich movie star. I am a tourist in Paris, a student in Melbourne, a sister, a daughter and a dog owner at home, a human being. We’re all human beings. I guess I’m not any different to the people who go to Paris Fashion Week every year, and who always wear sparkly shoes and awesome dresses. Everyone will have the same moment as me, when they come home after Fashion Week, and they sit down on their couch with a pet and a cup of tea. And that’s the moment when everything is just real. There’s no sparkles, no glitz or glamour, no photographers. It’s just home.

One final thing:

Why are my Spotify ads in French and how do I change it?


Feature Image: I took this picture while at the fashion show, because I thought that shoes sometimes go unnoticed, and everyone needed to notice these shoes. 



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