The Climax – Paris Fashion Week

When I woke up in the dark, there was a brief moment where I wondered why my bedroom looked different. I quickly realised that I was not in my house in Melbourne, but in a fancy hotel in Paris. Weird.

We had breakfast with my cousin, who was staying in France for a six-month exchange. The french bircher muesli was very nice, and clearly distinguishable from ordinary bircher muesli because of the following characteristics:

  1. The bowl it was served in had the name of my hotel written on it in cursive writing
  2. The muesli was topped with a little label with the name of the hotel written on it (and yes, I discovered it was edible after taking a tentative bite of it)
  3. And also the gold leaf on the top

The rest of the morning was spent lazing around, until we actually decided to do something and go to the Eiffel Tower. Although I don’t like being labelled as a tourist, there was no escaping tourism at the Eiffel Tower. However, we then went for a lovely walk in the Parisian streets and marvelled at the gorgeousness that are the French appartments.

I can’t believe how beautiful this city is.

At 1:30 the glam squad (aka hair and makeup) arrived. We call them the glam squad because they turn me, an Australian schoolgirl, into an actress going to a fashion show. It’s magic, really.

After talking to the lovely New Yorker hair and makeup artists, I was ready to go to the Miu Miu Fashion Show. Well, I was ready appearance wise (at least I wasn’t wearing pyjamas), but I was not ready mentally. I wasn’t too nervous … until the car pulled up to the venue and I saw around one hundred people with flashing cameras. I asked my mum how I would get out of the car. She told me both legs at the same time. NOT one leg at a time, as that mistake has been made by people before and it is not a nice mistake to make.

As it happens, it is incredibly difficult to get out of a car with both legs at the same time in a  figure-hugging dress and 5 and a half inch heels. Can you believe that those heels make me almost 5 foot 10! Next time I’m wearing pants and flats. Anyway, getting out of the car was difficult, and the situation wasn’t helped by the fact my heart was pounding and my palms were sweating. I hadn’t expected so many photographers, and I was absolutely terrified.

If there was one thing I had not expected from doing The Nice Guys press junket, was how scary and anxious it is to be photographed by lots of people. Though some people might find it flattering to have people want to take pictures of you and with you, it’s one of the most intimidating experiences I’ve ever had. There’s a lot of pressure to look nice, smile, not fall over, and make sure the photographers are happy. I think the most important thing I learnt is that the photographers will always want more from you, no matter how hard you try.

As lovely and inspirational as it sounds, I still stood there feeling quite awkward about being photographed, and constantly worried about pleasing people and not falling over. It’s always good to reflect on things though, and now I know it didn’t really matter. I felt confident and comfortable (it was crochet and there was no waistband so I could eat as much as I wanted without feeling constricted), and that was the most important thing.

After making it inside, slowing down my breathing and finding my seat, the show started. It was the very first fashion show I’ve ever seen, and I honestly didn’t expect to love it so much. They had created such a fun, vibrant and playful atmosphere. The music was really cool and the models wore the clothes beautifully. The clothes themselves were stunning, and I marvelled at how the models were able to walk in their ridiculously tall shoes. When Gigi Hadid walked out I almost fell off my chair, but it’s okay, I’m fine now.

After the show ended, we hung around for a while and chatted with various people. I was offered champagne over and over again, however I declined every time. We had around three hours to spare between the end of the show and the start of dinner, so we caught up with some old friends and ate macarons.

The macaron flavours I ate:

  1. Double dark chocolate
  2. Rose
  3. I was sadly not allowed a third

I had a small snooze when we got home, and to the great relief of my poor feet, took my high heels off. However they were put on again soon after for dinner, which was in a lovely restaurant on the grounds of the Louvre.

Dinner was highly enjoyable. The company was delightful, the food was delicious, and the conversations were interesting and intelligent. It made me very happy that I’ve met many down-to-earth, smart, genuine and friendly young female actresses in this industry.

Going to bed that night, I’m sad that my time in Paris is over. It’s a fleeting whirlwind.

On the other hand, I am glad this trip is ending, because I’m running out of synonyms to use in place of “beautiful”.


Featured Image: I took this at the end of the fashion show, when all the models come out in quick succession so you can see all the outfits for a second time. I was going to take a picture before this, when the models were walking for the first time, but no one else was taking pictures so I thought it might be rude. People took their phones out at the end though, so I followed suit and took my pictures then. I think it was all okay. 


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