The Rising Action – Paris Fashion Week

Jet lag is a thing and it is real. And it is not my friend.

After marvelling at the hotel room for a while, having a much needed shower and washing our gross clothes, we decided to go out and see Paris! We ate a delightful club sandwich in the hotel restaurant for lunch and then walked down the Champs Elysées, all the way to L’Arc de Triomphe. I should have brought my vans, as my poor feet didn’t like being carried around in boots with a slight heel.

I had never been to L’Arc de Triomohe before, and so naturally I thought there would be a lift to get to the top.

I was wrong.

284 steps, all winding upwards in such a tight spiral that I started getting dizzy. We bought some souvenirs in the gift shop and I took a selfie with a large sculpture of someone’s head:


The view from the top was stunning. I was very touristy and took lots of photos and selfies.

Our next commitment was a fitting at Miu Miu, which we were driven to even though it was literally 200 metres from our hotel and we could have walked. I had no idea what to expect since it was my first fitting for a fashion show. Outfit one was a no, outfit two was a no, but third time was the charm. It was kind of like we were shopping but only had a small selection and didn’t have to pay. Quite strange overall.

After the fitting was dinner, where I had quite a lot of complications with my food:

  1. I wasn’t familiar with most of the meats on the menu, though I knew I did not want calf’s tongue, tiger veal offal, or pigeon. I’m not the adventurous type when it comes to food
  2. I decided on ordering a starter, smoked salmon with potato salad, as I wasn’t very hungry
  3. The waiter disapproved of my selection, because he said the dish was quite small
  4. When the dish arrived, it was evident that we both had very different ideas of small dishes
  5. I ate a snail! (Not my first time, but I still thought it was a brave achievement considering I don’t like eating meat when it still looks like the full animal it used to be. Chicken and fish are both okay because they’re not in full form and they don’t look like actual animals by the time they reach my plate)
  6. My mum and I were both scolded by the waiter for not finishing our dinners
  7. We ordered dessert anyway
  8. We asked for our dessert with two spoons, so we could share it
  9. When it arrived at the table, we got seperate plates with what looked like one full dessert on each
  10. The waiter confirmed with us that he had already split the dessert onto seperate plates for us
  11. Neither of us finished our desserts
  12. My dress was ten times tighter when I left the dinner than when I had arrived, but the food was definitely worth it (even if the waiter didn’t think I ate enough)

Home at 11:30, and straight to bed.

I can’t remember what I dreamt of, but it was something bizarre and weird, much like my day had been. I feel like I’ve already done the craziest and most abnormal things, and we haven’t even reached the climax yet.

So I guess the next thing for me to do is be seen at a fashion show wearing clothes. I can do that. I wear clothes every day. Should be easy. Hopefully.


Feature Image: This was taken on the top of L’Arc de Triomphe. It was very windy and very sunny but we got to see the Eiffel Tower and take selfies with it (as you do). I call this picture “Two Aussies and an Eiffel Tower”.



  1. Nice piece. I like your writing, it’s both inspirational and meticulous, it’s refreshing and juvenile, and carries a tone of disregard for what people might think of it that really applies to my beliefs and my everyday life. Keep writing please.
    Gonçalo Cotrim


  2. I really love your way to write and the character you represent. And of course I love your acting performance which are just adorable. Your are a big talent so keep up. I am actually from Luxemburg so also in Luxemburg some people knows your Name. But I’m also sorry if some errors are present


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