The Beginning – Paris Fashion Week

This is genuinely the craziest thing I’ve ever done. Even crazier than sharing a pop tart with Ryan Gosling, and I think that says something.

Believe it or not (and trust me, I hardly believe it myself), I was invited to Miu Miu‘s fashion show at Paris Fashion Week. I don’t know why – I’m at a complete loss. But when an opportunity like this comes up, you’re not going to turn it down. Even though you feel like you’ve done nothing to deserve it, even though people at school might hate you out of jealousy, even though you’ll miss the first week of term four. You’re still going to say yes, and soak up every minute of the experience.

And this is why I now find myself sitting in a Parisian hotel room.

The most awkward part about the weeks leading up to this trip was explaining to various people why I would be missing the first week of term four. “I’m actually going to Paris.” “Um, for business.” “Well actually it’s for Fashion Week.” I’m a terrible liar. And I also hate lying.

Points I Covered in My Attempt to Not Seem Spoilt:

  1. This is very out of the ordinary
  2. I don’t usually do this, I’m actually a pretty normal person
  3. We’re only going because it’s paid for – otherwise we wouldn’t have the money
  4. I’m so incredibly lucky and grateful
  5. It’s an amazing opportunity which anyone would take, right?
  6. I’m actually very nervous
  7. I swear my life it normal, this is a one time thing

Internally I’m screaming PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME.

It takes exactly twenty four hours in total to journey from Melbourne Airport to Charles de Gaulle Airport. We boarded the first plane (Melbourne to Singapore) at 4 pm Melbourne time, and disembarked the second plane (Singapore to Paris) at 4 pm Melbourne time the next day. It was a very long journey, but it was helped by the fact I watched four movies and ate a lot of food.

Movies I Watched (in order of which I watched them):

  1. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – I liked it a lot and made me laugh out loud, which was met with disapproval from my fellow passengers (sorry).
  2. Me Before You – Yes, I did read the book before I saw the movie, Yes, the book was better than the movie (it usually is), and Yes, the movie did make me cry. A lot. But I don’t want to talk about it.
  3. The Boss – Left me thinking about a number of things, including how warm Melissa McCarthy’s costume must have been. I mean, in every scene she was wearing a wig, a turtle neck and long sleeves and long pants. I looked it up, and the film was shot in the beginning of Spring in Atlanta, Georgia, and even though it was only the first month of Spring, I know from experience that Atlanta can get very hot. I just hope she didn’t get heat stroke or something.
  4. Alice Through the Looking Glass – Does anyone know where I can get a dress like Alice’s? Asking for a friend.

Food I Ate (in order of which I ate it):

  1. Garlic bread
  2. Normal bread with butter
  3. Spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken with carrots and capsicum
  4. Ice cream with passionfruit sauce
  5. A little itty bitty chocolate
  6. Muesli bar (part one of my midnight snack)
  7. Sea salt chips (part two of my midnight snack)
  8. Mini toblerone (part three of my midnight snack)
  9. A croissant!
  10. Bircher muesli with blueberries
  11. Salmon and poached eggs with some sort of frittata thing (I didn’t know what it was but I ate it anyway and it was yum)

Also, may I just point out this does not include the food I ate before I got on the plane and during my layover. I don’t remember what food I ate then. I think I was too tired.

I was exhausted during the drive to the hotel, but seeing Paris was amazing. I had forgotten how beautiful and magical it was. Is it just me or does everyone feel that way about Paris? Also, do the people who live there realise how beautiful their city is, or do they just get used to it after a while? Maybe I should just live in Paris for a while.

My Many Thoughts Upon Our Arrival At The Hotel (not necessarily in the order in which I thought them):

  1. Wow
  2. This place is very nice
  3. They have coordinated the red flowers on the balconies above with the red awning
  4. Was that intentional?
  5. I feel so gross and stinky and all the people here are dressed nicely
  6. I feel like I am violating their dress code
  7. Surely activewear leggings are forbidden in a place that has chandeliers everywhere and no normal lights
  8. Ooh! Our room is very nice
  9. THERE ARE SO MANY MIRRORS IN THIS BATHROOM! I can see myself from more angles than I really want to
  10. Yeah I could definitely live here

Staying in this beautiful hotel is wonderful, even though I feel like I don’t deserve it. I didn’t have to do anything to get here. It was just handed to me. Aside from this little bit of guilt, I am absolutely over the moon and enjoying every second. Thank you so much to Miu Miu for sending me to Paris. I am so happy to be here and so grateful my mum loves travelling and is willing to come on this crazy adventure with me.

Now I just have to get Do You Hear the People Sing out of my head.


Featured Image: Almost immediately after we put our bags down in the hotel room, I went on a ten minute photo shoot, taking pictures of all the nice and pretty things in the hotel room, as well as the views from outside. This was one of my favourite pictures that I took because of the red flowers, which matched the awning (as I mentioned before). I’m all for colour coordination.


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