Month in Review: August

It has always bugged me that August isn’t in Autumn. They both start with AU and kind of sound the same. Don’t you think it’s fitting?

This month I:

  1. Went to the opening night of Jasper Jones at the Melbourne Theatre Company
  2. Went bowling and lost both games :(
  3. Did a French oral which was very nerve-wracking
  4. Saw a play called We May Have to Choose at La Mama – it was so good I bought the script
  5. Freaked out before my three final French tests, but did surprisingly well

This month I read:

Stasiland by Anna Funder. 4.5/5 stars. It’s the first non-fiction book I’ve read for pleasure. It was surprisingly readable. Throughout the course of the book, I read about how Anna (the author) discovered the stories of people involved with the Stasi in Communist Germany. I was lucky enough to live in Germany for a year when  I was eleven, so I learnt quite a lot about the GDR (German Democratic Republic) and what it was like before the wall came down. It was fascinating to read about these people from the East who were either a part of the Stasi or were punished by the Stasi.

This month I listened to:

Hamilton. Every. Single. Day. In fact, I’m listening to it right now. I was so sceptical about it in the beginning because my friend wouldn’t stop going on about it and I got sick of it. I thought “how good can it actually be?” The answer is, better than anything I could have expected. I just love how there are so many lyrics, I’m never going to run out of lyrics to learn. The only problem is that it gets stuck in my head so much that I can’t get it out. It’s so frustrating sometimes. I was singing “Angelicaaaaaaaa, Elizaaaaaaaaaaa and Peggy” in my head all throughout my French test. Not helpful.

This month I learnt:

  1. Jealousy is fuelled by insecurities about yourself. It should not be dwelled upon. Being jealous is consuming and unhealthy.
  2. Not running once a week is okay. If you feel sick or tired, it is completely okay to skip out on your run. (Right?)
  3. Speaking your mind about something you don’t like in a professional environment is okay as long as your opinion is supported, educated, and comes from you.
  4. The subject Astronomy is a lot more interesting than you think it will be. It’s also a lot more creative and open-minded.
  5. It only takes 4 and a half hours of solid work to complete a cosmic year calendar. Simple, really.
  6. The teacher is not always right.
  7. But they’re the one with power so you have to do what they say unless you want detention.
  8. (Don’t worry, I didn’t get detention).

In September, I’m looking forward to:

  1. Listening to more Hamilton. I’m going to try and learn the entirety of Aaron Burr, Sir and My Shot.
  2. The finale of The Bachelor AU
  3. The finale of Bachelor in Paradise
  4. People telling me I need to watch better TV
  5. The finale of UnREAL
  6. People telling me I should watch more shows like UnREAL
  7. Going to the Peninsula Hot Springs
  8. The school holidays!
  9. SPRING!!! (although it does mean hay fever and shaving legs again)


Header Image: I was going out for afternoon tea with two of my friends. This tree was outside one of my friends’ house. I thought it was pretty, and because my friends and I are “arty hipsters” who stop in the street to take pictures of things, we all took a picture of this particular tree from different angles. 


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