Why a Blog?

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and with my growing “popularity” (it sounds weird, doesn’t it?), I’d always been too scared to share more of my life with the general public. I like sharing pictures on Instagram and bad puns on Twitter, but I also love to write and wanted to make a creative outlet for myself. I have a lot of ideas and opinions and I wanted to share them with a large audience so that more people could be exposed to them. I decided to call this blog “Thoughts to Keep Me Sane” because that’s essentially what it is. It’s a platform for me to write about my ideas so I don’t go completely mad.


Header Image: This was taken while I was hiking with my school at Wilson’s Promontory, one of the most Southern points of the mainland of Australia. I promise this picture was NOT posed, I just happened to awkwardly be lunging on a rock with my hands on my hips. In the end, I think the picture was a perfect balance of majestic and awkward. 


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